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Costa Research Institute (CRI) Preprint Server, the CRIxiv.  

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A preprint server of the Association for Research Methodologists and the Global Centre for Academic Research, serving scholars within the Social Sciences, Management Sciences, and Public Health. A preprint is a paper, a manuscript of "works" that have been prepared for publication as an article in a journal and is made available to the public before it has been peer-reviewed by the journal's editorial board. Researchers can immediately share their findings by releasing preprints, allowing the broader scholar community and policymakers to get up to speed on previously published research sooner rather than later.

What exactly are preprint servers, which have recently made headlines in the scholarly publishing world? How do they function? What kind of benefits do they bring to the scientific world?

Preprint servers are online repositories or archives that house documents or data related to a variety of academic articles that have not yet undergone peer review or been accepted by conventional academic journals. These repositories put papers up for sale through basic screening and plagiarism checks (papers are not edited or formatted before being posted online). Only manuscripts that have not yet been accepted by established academic publications are typically requested on preprint sites. Authors are always welcome to upload updated versions of their papers to the preprint site. Articles are normally citable after they are published and cannot be taken down. These recently published "preprint papers" are available for readers to study and comment on.

Preprint servers are an excellent tool for researchers to share and get input on academic projects that are in progress.

According to some researchers, the typical academic journal peer review process is a drawn-out, time-consuming process that, at times, lasts several months and may cause a delay in the publication of significant research findings. These kinds of preprint servers are an excellent way for researchers to publish their findings fast and get input from other academics in their field, avoiding the lengthy procedures of journal peer review.